Feather Light is available for Pre-Sale! Order your copy today!

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Feather Light is available for Pre-Sale! Order your copy today!.


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Facebook Book Group

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Facebook Book Group

We are still in our infancy, but we’re a good bunch if you fancy joining up.

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Blink And You’ll Miss It

April 9, 2010 at 6:48 pm (Uncategorized)

The 100Monkeys nontributehomageband

Don't Blink, You'd Be BANANA's to Miss It

By Rosalie Hale 

As I’m sure many a drunken night as taught you, many student bands have a unique sound, but not one that is accessible to all. Last night, however, I found probably the only one to fit everybody’s bill.

Don’t Blink rocked the King’s College SU Bar last night.

Not only are they a talented group of seriously good-looking guys, their music is catchy with a rough edge which you can’t help but bop your head and tap your toe to.  The band members are all students in varying stages of their studies here at Cambridge, and give off a great air of being very close friends, with the eighteen year old Jasper Whitlock providing fantastic guitar and keyboard skills which match Ben Graupner’s hauntingly rough vocals.

Uncle – with an interesting name, but very tight lips about real one – plays the bongos like they’re his girlfriend’s backside during a hot night out – soft caresses but, what a sound they emit!

Ben J’s drumming is the backbone to each song they rocked out with whilst Jerad’s bass playing backed up both Jasper and Ben G’s guitar riffs. 

There’s something about them that actually makes them indescribable – they’re just totally different to anything I’ve heard. And that takes some getting used to, unfortunately – because they are genuinely that good, though if you’re used to mainstream and the standard pop, then you’re going to be… pleasantly surprised, shall we say…

Audience participation played a big part of the show as they improvised songs at random words yelled out by the crowd.  A simple mention of whiskey launched the boys into the hilarious “Apple Juice” which had the crowd screaming for more.  The immense professionalism these guys showed whilst playing a song made up on the spot astounded me.

Unlike most forgettable uni bands, I feel as if Don’t Blink will be around for some time!


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Aite Fam!

April 4, 2010 at 9:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, so that was probably the strangest thing i’ve ever used as a blog title….

But hello!

This is a Boat-Race Fic, TwiTheme.

Emmett, Alice, Jasper Centric.

Collab between Freefallinginlove and the AWESOME Mouse555

And yeah, enjoy the sport, the funk and the sexy, dripping wet boys…

xXx Kate (Freefalling =])

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